Is learning uncool?

     So is it? In my opinion, learning is “cool” because if we didn’t learn about anything then how would we know what is cool or not. Also, learning is “cool” (I should find a different word) because people learn something new every day whether it’s something new about a loved one or a new word in a different language. I recently realised that many people would like to  learn if they feel the need or desire to learn. For example, there are some people who have never even left their home town just for a day to experience a different way of living, and it seems, from my limited experience with people like this, that they are the ones who don’t want to learn about the places around them and are satisfied with the news from the town they live in. However there is an exception to this rule as with most rules. This exception is that if the person become motivated to learn by some one who is close to them, then they will try to learn more than they already know with that person.

     A great example that shows how learning is cool is by the number of people who want to be bilingual. In the month of September, I met a girl about my age who thought it was (really need to find a new word) “cool” that I could speak both english and french and that she would love to learn the language. I like being able to switch between languages and this is only possible because of the eduction that I have received over my years at school, and I’m still learning new this everyday about the french language. It’s complex, but some how sound so elegant when spoken properly. Recently, the government has thought of cracking down about the language spoken in Quebec, saying that there are too many people speaking english and that soon the french langauge will be gone if this keeps up. I happen to think the opposite because of how learning a new language is becoming more and more cool, at least around here. Being able to switch between languages quickly is cool. I hear around school people switching from their normal language of french to speaking in english just to show off for their friends. Most of the time they are pretty good at speaking english as well.  In countries like Holland though, children learn to speak the languages of the countries that surround them. The fact that more people are speaking english in Quebec should make the government proud because it shows that the majority of people are trying to learn english to become more competitive in the job market. Also, the people in Ontario are also trying to learn french so that they too can become more competitive. Now if a person in Canada isn’t bilingual,especially in Ontario and Quebec,  they will have a hard time finding a job or being promoted because of the business done between Ontario and Montreal.

     Finally, learning is cool because if people don’t bother to learn then they won’t be able to argue their point of view on any subject from which coffee is the best to what should be done about the economy with a chance of  successfully proving their point. Some people may find learning  uncool, but that is probably because they are around people  who feel the same way or at least act like they do. People who are encouraged to learn will and often enjoy it. The only reasons that I can see at the moment why some find it uncool to learn is because they are either being forced to learn or they have a difficult time learning certain things. The only way to make learning cool for those people  is to let them decide what they would like to learn or find a way to teach them so that they find it easier to understand. For example, turn it into a game. Our teachers in high school in the french immersion program did this which helped a lot when trying to learn how the circulatory system works around the heart and with other subjects. Some people even post songs about DNA replication on the internet to help others around the world to better understand and remember this process (that is what the video down below is).


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